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Keeping Ontario Beautiful

Keeping Ontario Beautiful

April 2017 Flower Show

The April Flower Show takes place at our monthly meeting held on Thursday, April 27. Entry time is 6:30 p.m. to 7:10 p.m. Judging begins at 7:15 p.m. sharp. Listed below are the categories for the show.


  1. Hyacinth, any colour, 1 spike
  2. Iris, 1 stalk
  3. Narcissus, trumpet, 1 stem
  4. Narcissus, large cup, 1 stem
  5. Narcissus, small cup, 1 stem
  6. Narcissus, any other variety, 1 stem
  7. Tulip, 1 stem
  8. Any flowering bulb, corm or rhizome, 1 stem
  9. Collection of rockery flowers and/or small flowering bulbs, 3 or more kinds, must be named
  10. Helleborus (e.g. Christmas Rose), I stem
  11. Flowering Branch, natural or forced, not to exceed 76 cm
  12. Branch, foliage only, natural or forced, not to exceed 76 cm
  13. Any other flowering perennial, 1 stem


  1. African violet, 1 crown, 1 pot
  2. Cactus or succulent, 1 pot
  3. Foliage house plant, plain foliage, 1 pot
  4. Foliage house plant, variegated foliage, 1 pot
  5. Orchid, 1 pot
  6. Any other house plant, flowering, 1 pot
  7. Cell pack of seedlings, grown by exhibitor, must be named


Show Theme: "April in Paris"
(All category titles have been taken from an actual design category for our club in that particular decade.)
  1. Le Marché - a design using a basket
  2. a) Experienced exhibitors
    b) Novice exhibitors (A person who has not yet won a first-place ribbon in a design category at an EYGC flower show.)
  3. Eiffel Tower - a vertical design
  4. Arc de Triomphe - a crescent design
  5. The Seine - a waterviewing design
  6. Un bonbon - a fresh miniature design


  • Full container, made within the previous 12 months
  • No more than two entries per class per household.
  • Must be vacuum-sealed.
  • Ingredients must be listed.
  1. Chili Sauce or Salsa, 1 jar
  2. Jam, 1 jar
  3. Jelly, 1 jar (clear)
  4. Marmalade, 1 jar
  5. Pickles, 1 jar
  6. Vinegar, flavoured, 1 jar
  7. Any other kind of preserves, 1 jar

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