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Flower Show Rules

  1. Paid-up members of 30 days or more ONLY are eligible to exhibit at any show and paid-up membership card MUST be shown before entry if requested by show committee.
  2. In classes calling for blooms, no buds that show any colour are allowed. Sprays, vases or containers of flowers may contain buds.
  3. Entries requiring a specific number of blooms or sprays will qualify only when the exact number is used.
  4. No flower in a vase or basket may be tied or wired. Wiring is allowed in making corsages and boutonnières in floral design categories. The wire must not be visible.
  5. In miniature arrangements, tiny florets of larger flowers may be used. Examples are: arabis, verbena, coral bells or similar small flowers.
  6. No artificial material may be used, with the exception of the judicious use of sprayed leaves or branches. Fresh plant material that is dyed is not permitted in a flower show.
  7. Accessories are permitted in design categories.
  8. All roots of vegetables are to be washed and the tops removed to 2.5 cm (1 in.).
  9. Full onus of classifications, proper placing and everything pertaining to the entry rests on the exhibitor.
  10. No two people may exhibit in the same class from the same garden except in arrangements and potted plants.
  11. Exhibitors may place a maximum of one entry in any one class in monthly shows, and up to two entries in any one class in the Annual Show, provided they are of different cultivars. Only one entry per exhibitor is permitted in any design category. Exhibitors may retain cut flower specimens if previous notice has been given to show committee. However, it is expected that entries will be donated to the club for disposal. Arrangements are at exhibitor’s discretion.
  12. Any houseplant may receive only one prize in a year with the exception of the Annual Show.
  13. Judges’ decisions are final.
  14. Protests must be in writing, signed and in the hands of the show committee the day of the show. If the protest is regarding the authenticity of one or more specimens, the Exhibitor must allow a visit to their garden by 3 Board members within 7 days, to identify the plant from which the exhibit was taken. The 3 Board members will, at that time, decide if the award stands or is forfeit by a majority vote. If the Exhibitor does not allow a visit, or cannot produce the plant, the award for the challenged Exhibit is forfeited.
  15. A prize might not be awarded in a class with only one entry
  16. Prize money must be picked up within 90 days of presentation or it will revert to the treasury.
  17. Marked Club containers are available to display your cut specimens. Personal containers should be similar to Club containers.
  18. Any violation of club rules may result in the forfeiture of all prizes and prevent the exhibitor from participation in future shows of the club.
  19. The use of scarce, protected or endangered native plants such as wild orchid, trillium, etc., requires that the exhibit be disqualified by the Show Committee.
  20. All entries for the monthly shows must be in place by 7:20 p.m. Judging begins at 7:30 p.m. sharp. This rule will be strictly enforced. Entries must be left until 9:00 p.m. in order to allow all members to view the show.
  21. Show points and prizes for Horticulture and Design classes will be awarded as follows:
  22. Prizes






    $ 1.00

    $ 3.00



    $ 0.75

    $ 2.00



    $ 0.50

    $ 1.00



    $ 0.25

    $ 0.50

    Cash prizes of $40, $25, and $10 will be awarded to the individuals with the first, second and third highest aggregate amount of points in the annual and monthly shows. Total cash prizes awarded to any individual competitor in one year cannot exceed $100.
  23. The George S. Henry Trophy will be awarded to the member with the highest number of aggregate points in the both Horticulture and Design classes in the monthly and annual shows.
  24. The Anna Leggatt Novice Award is awarded to the Novice who wins the highest number of point in the the month and annual shows. To be eligible, an member cannot have won a first prize in an EYGC flower show prior to the current year.
  25. The Club is not responsible for any personal injury or for property lost, stolen or damaged at any function of the Club.

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