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2019 Photography Contests

People's Choice Photo Contests
2019 will begin with People's Choice contests in January, February, & March. Another People's Choice Contest will take place at the Annual Flower Show and Tea on August 17, with three categories. And as always, we'll have a special competition at the November AGM, to select the photo used for the 2020 EYGC Yearbook cover. Entries are judged by a vote of those who are present at the meetings. You're invited to provide "photographic interpretation" for each category.

  • January 17 - Enjoying Winter
  • February 21 - Clouds
  • March 21 - Going South
  • August 17 (Annual Flower Show):
    1. Show Theme: Ontario
    2. Ontario - Yours to Discover
    3. Good Things Grow in Ontario
    4. Ontario Emblems (Flag, Flower, Bird, etc.)
  • November 21 - Yearbook Cover

Annual Photo Contest
There are 13 categories in the 2019 Annual Contest. Six are horticultural, six are general (with non-horticultural subjects), and one is for children and youth.

Entries will be accepted at the October general meeting on October 17. Here are this year's Annual Contest categories:

  1. Captured Beauty (Close up of a Flower)
  2. Harvest Time
  3. City of Toronto Gardens (Any garden in Toronto planted by the city staff)
  4. Critters in the Garden (Insects, birds, snakes, racoons, opossums, etc)
  5. There is Fungus Among Us (Lichen, moss, mushrooms)
  6. Roses
  1. Where my feet have been this year
  2. Photographer’s Choice (Black and White only)
  3. Historic Toronto
  4. On the Water
  5. Foggy Weather
  6. Garden Art
    Children & Youth Section
  1. Yellow in the Garden
    • Children's division (10 years or under)
    • Youth division (11 to 17 years)
Entry is only open to members of the East York Garden Club, and to children or grandchildren (17 or under) of club members.

Full contest rules and information can be found in your yearbook on pages 25 to 27. Entry forms will be available at the September & October meetings.