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Keeping Ontario Beautiful

2021 Photography Contests

Each year, we hold our Peoples Choice Photo Contests in January, February, & March, and at the Annual Flower Show and Tea, followed by a judged 13-category contest in the autumn. However, with in-person meetings restricted due to Covid-19, these have been replaced with on-line People's Choice contests, in which members submit their entries via email. Members will be notifed of entry dates, and winning entries will be submitted via email. Winning entries will be displayed in the newsletter.

2021 People's Choice Photo Contest Categories

  • January - Tranquility
  • February - Love
  • March - Windy
  • April - First Blooms
  • May - Rebirth
  • June - The Colours of June
  • July - My Canada
  • August - Summer Garden
  • September - September Skies
  • October - Harvest
  • November - Yearbook Cover for 2022